Welcome to DNA Family Trees!

I am Larry Jones, a Texan and Genetic Genealogist. My mission is to help people, particularly those with “DNA Surprises”, find their Biological families.

To this end I have a YouTube channel – https://www.YouTube.com/c/DNAFamilyTrees – were you can find useful videos on a wide range of associated topics and have created groundbreaking tools to assist people in their research.

Recent Projects

Obviously the DNA Family Trees YouTube channel is a great help to many but the tools created such as FindMyMRCA, Ball and Pattern Tool, Kin-ID, cM Solver are all items created to help people get through the clutter of information to finding the answers to their family questions.

The most notable recent project is the licensing of the cMSolver to MyHeritage and the cooperative development of perhaps the best tool to date on predictive kinships, the cM Explainer⌐ available free at www.myheritage.com/cm .


At DNA Family Trees, LLC we offer a wide variety of services to help.


It can be difficult during a DNA surprise to get going and find answers, especially with the overwhelming volume of information during a time of great emotional stress.  From getting you started to full research to answers, using DNA test results the team at DNA Family Trees, LLC will help you through this process.

While we are not about making money off of you, we do have to charge for services in order to pay staff and keep the lights on to help others like you.  Think of it as a bit of “pay it forward”.  EVERY case gets my attention even if I am not the primary researchers on the case!

A hungry dog hunts and having been through this experience personally, I accept nothing less than the best results from myself or others researching on your behalf.

This makes DFT unique in genealogy field!  NO ONE will search on your behalf as hard as we will because I know first hand how ever moment of “not knowing” feels and will do everything in my power to make that feeling as short as possible!

Clustering & Cluster Analyzing

Whether it is Ancestry grouping, MyHeritage Labeling, or custom methods, we provide clustering services for you to help identify family lines and break down brick walls.  By clustering family by shared DNA, you gain insight into how people are interconnected and as such you get a solid framework from which to identify people on the other side of the “wall” in such a manner that they can be identified and placed into your tree.

Walls from 1850-1950 are the easiest to break through do to census availability but with diligent research in conjunction with clusters, often this will allow even older cases to be solved.

Cases outside of the United States of America take a bit longer to solve and vary country to country based on language and availability of historical data in the area.


Presentations are available to groups and organizations and are held by zoom.   Contact for list of presentations topics as we do offer them on a variety of genealogy topics.  If interested please contact us via the email DNAFamilyTrees@gmail.com to find out more information and the current rates.

Research & Development

While not a public facing service we are CONSTANTLY working on developing better genealogy tools!  From Ball and Patter, to FindMyMRCA, to KIN-ID to the more recent cMSolver and the most recent collaboration with MyHeritage on the cM Explainer available for free without even a login required at https://www.myheritage.com/cm.

Not a day goes by we are not working on making things better, faster, cheaper to find the answers for those with DNA surprises!

About me

I was born Larry Dwayne Basey, named after my dad (#1) Dwight Basey’s brothers, Larry and Dwayne. My parents divorced when I was just 1 year old and my mother remarried when I was 2. She married Joe Jones who adopted me, thus I became known from that point forward as Larry Dwayne Jones. When I was 24 my mother informed me that I was in fact adopted Jones and by father was Dwight Basey.

For over 30 years I spent 10s of thousands of dollars and hours researching the Basey family!  I decided to make a family book but do something special no one had done, make it a DNA FAMILY TREES Book (yes that is where the name originated) As I was to make a book with DNA trees and Branches proving connectivity so that 300 years from now, it would still be useful to descendants!

Short version, I got a “DNA Surprise” and I was neither Jones nor Basey by blood!  The effect of this was indescribably devastating!

From this pain, struggles of personal research, using all available tools, I finally found the answer to who my biological father actually was.  Realizing immediately that i could not be the only person with such an experience i began making videos and tools to shortcut the time to help people find their answers as fast as possible!

I wanted to eliminate every second of this pain for as many people as possible!  This has been my mission since 2019 and continues to this day!  This is 24/7/365 who I am today.


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