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DNA/Tree Review

I get a lot of requests to review what people have done. Their clustering, their assumptions, their trees, etc.

I do offer a 1hour review via Zoom call. I will look over your work and see if I can:

A) Spot an answer to a question based on the work you already have

B) Validate your on right path

C) Provide ALTERNATIVES / Potential alternate solutions

D) direction on next steps to find your answer.

This service is $100 and runs about an hour. I say about because sometimes we get the answer in the first few minutes and spend 20 validating it and are done, others i have conversed with for “much” longer than an hour!

My goal is not making money, my goal is to help you however long that appears to take (within reason). That is why the $100 review fee. It keeps the questions legitimate and allows me to spend up to a half day on it should it go that route.

If you would like a review of your work in a Cooperative zoom setting, Schedule using this PORTAL