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Finding Bio Family

As you might imagine I do get alot of requests to help find answers to genealogy Questions. For the first year or so I helped as many people FREE as i could but this simply became overwhelming. So many requests and literally no time.

I have had to begin charging for the time/effort.

I know first hand the emotional toll that “not knowing” has on people! Its quite different than “who is my 2nd Great Grand Parent”. No one will search as hard to find your biological family, NOT EVEN CLOSE. I understand the soul punch a person looking for a parent has.

I charge as follows:

  1. Finding/Identifying Biological Family $50 an hour
  2. Finding Ancestors $50 an hour.

I work in 8hour blocks. After the first block each block afterwards is per-approved by both of us before continuing. Few go past one block of 8hrs, Less than 1%. Successful resolution is greater than 95%. The only unresolved cases are out of country, unidentified name changes (common in early immigrants to USA) and identified endogamous events where the specific lineage is not yet definable without more tests.

Because of my DNA surprise, I am uniquely qualified to find the answers while having a drive for that answer that is unmatched by others because I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!

I look at each case as if it was my own and have that “hungry dog hunts” mentality to find the answer!

If you would like me to help you and get that answer for you as soon as possible Schedule using this PORTAL